Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fashion Show


Today we went to watch the college Fashion Show at 2:00-3:00 in the afternoon. The designs were unique and interesting and though a lot of them were actually really pretty and designed well. They suited the category's which they were placed in. I think the models were good at keeping in time with the music provided however sometimes they looked quite uncomfortable and made the atmosphere awkward especially when the music sometimes went quiet and the models had nothing to walk on to. I think overall the fashion show was good and interesting to see.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sister Corita

Rachel Tighe Unit 5 Contextual Influences

Frances Elizabeth Kent, also known as Sister Corita, born on November 20th 1981, was an artist who worked in Boston and LA, America. Her artwork and imagery featured messages of love and peace and features her beliefs and hopes which were shown and exhibited throughout her art work, however were not always welcome at the time of Vietnam. Because of this one of her works in a New York exhibit show room had to be amended as it was seen as too subversive. They were mostly done by silk-screening and serigraphy. It was very popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s where she began to add song lyrics or well-known advertising slogans into her art. She also designed the annual ‘love’ stamp in 1985.

Sister Corita’s work was very vibrant, bright and unique, using quick ‘splashes’ of colour and consisted of several hundred serigraph designs which were used for book covers murals and poster designs. Her earliest work featured phrases and imagery from the Bible which made her beliefs well known through her work. Her unique and distinctive style helped to bring silk screening and serigraph into the world of fine art design.
Sister Corita began in the Roman Catholic order of the ‘Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary’ in LA after she had finished high school. Here she became Sister Mary Corita and earned her BA in 1941 and later became chairman of its art department. During semesters, Sister Corita and her students would work hard to create new serigraph designs for her art. She then went on to colleges of art and design and then at the University of Southern California where she studied the history of art and received a masters degree. She left the Immaculate Heart college in 1968 to move to Boston, where she then devoted her life to creating her art and imagery and created over 400 serigraph images throughout the next 18 years. She began focusing on a lot of floral silk screens which dominated her work for a while. She still created posters and billboards for company’s and social events, but eventually died from cancer in 1986, age 67.

I think that Sister Corita’s work is very bright and eye catching to it’s audience which relates well with her view on hope, peace and beliefs. It is as though she makes her work important looking through her colours so that she gets a message across and shows how strong her beliefs are. I like the way her work looks slightly messy in the way it is presented, but this just seems to make it look more creative and relatable to the artist. The way she creates her imagery and art is very precisely chosen and I think that this is good because it means that she has one method which she is most comfortable with and can use as much as possible, and yet she still experiments with other things, objects, media and phrases or slogans. I hope to use her ideas and media within my own work.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tablet drawings: Back of church

This drawing was of the back of the Crooked Spire church in the graveyard. I do not like this drawing simply because it looks rushed because of the messier lines, i.e. arround the turret. I tried to fix this a few times but it never turned out looking any better. The fact that I kept the image black and white makes it look very simple too.

Tablet drawings: Building 2

I think that this drawing is not so good because of the front facing building, however I was glad that I attempted the sidewards building as the shape was a definite challenge but it was interesting when working out the angles to draw and how to make them look more detailed. This is the building on top of Costa Coffee and Monsoon, and I wanted to draw this one more because of it's strange shape and placement.

Tablet drawings: Building 1

I think that this is my favourite of these images as although it is not perfect I worked hard on the detail and think it still looks good. The windows were probably the hardest to draw as it was hard to get the proportions right, i.e. the size of each window pane. I spent the longest time drawing this one because of the detail added. I think I could've improved on making this one look more 3D instead of flat.

Tablet drawings: Church door

This is one of the images I created with my Bamboo tablet of a door on the outside of the Crooked Spire. I found the curves/arches particularly hard to draw so I think that I need to practice this quite a bit to make them look better and less bumpy. I think this picture is fairly good considering I had never drawn buildings before, but there are obvious points which are not so good.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Life Drawing

Today I began to draw full body life drawing and at first found it difficult. I felt that it was hard to decide where to start without any guidence,however once I started I was able to understand how proportions of the body should be drawn and to keep looking at the model so that I did not draw the body from memory. For the first two drawings I used newsprint, for the third I used brown paper and for the fourth I used cartridge paper. For the last two images I drew three body shapes on bht pieces of paper which ended up over lapping. In the end this looked diliberate which made it look particularly good. I used charcoal to draw each of my images and found this easier as I could make thicker and thinner strokes where I wanted to and go over parts which I didn't like.